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We believe every woman deserves a place where she can feel safe and cared for during her pregnancy. Our program is designed to embrace expectant mothers from all backgrounds, providing a nurturing environment to support them on their journey to motherhood. 

Our Program

Help to Get On Your Feet
We understand that everyone is different, so we customize our program to meet each woman's unique needs. Here are some of the ways that we help pregnant women and teens to make a fresh start.  Thanks to donations from our supporters we are able to provide all services free of charge.

A Comfortable Home

City of Refuge provides a safe, loving, family-style home for pregnant women, teens and new moms. Our home is located in a quiet, peaceful rural setting away from the distractions of city life.

Medical Care

We make sure that women receive quality medical care before, during and after the birth of their babies.  We provide transportation to and from appointments.

Spiritual Growth

Biblical truths are woven into all we do and are lived out in our community. We participate in a daily group devotional time and attend Sunday worship services together.

Education and Life Skills Training

We are here to help you to get the educational opportunities you need to provide an independent and stable life for yourself and your baby.  We can help you to get your G.E.D., attend community college or prepare for a job.

Parenting Classes

We help prepare women for motherhood and parenting through classes at the Life Choices Pregnancy Center

Crib, Baby Clothes and Necessities

We make sure that new moms have the essentials they need to get started in their new life.  We provide clothing, a crib, baby clothes, and the supplies needed to give their little ones a warm, safe environment.

Adoption Assistance (if desired)

We honor adoption as a loving choice. Moms considering adoption are provided a safe and supportive environment as they explore this possibility.

baby crib, clothes and toys
Pregnant woman receiving prenatal care from a doctor
Baby girl at City of Refuge
Proud mom cuddling her baby at the City of Refuge group home
Residents of City of Refuge seated around the dinner table.

Life at City of Refuge

Time at City of Refuge is structured to help women prepare for motherhood.  Days typically include:

  • Spiritual Growth: Find peace and strength from daily group devotions and attendance at Sunday church services.
  • Empowering Work: Engage in meaningful tasks around our home, learning new life skills and earning funds for your next chapter.
  • Cooking & Family-Style Meals: Learn to cook and prepare meals, and spend time growing as a community during mealtimes.
  • Productive Time:  Devote time to finishing your GED, taking classes, and learning important life skills such as budgeting, sewing, and home management.

Our Process

Get Started

Getting started at City of Refuge is an easy process.  We want to get to know you and learn more about you and your situation and we want you get to know us and know that City of Refuge is the right place for you and your baby.

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To get started at City of Refuge, please fill out the following application.  We will contact you to schedule a phone or in person interview